Why I Switched to Morning Workouts

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here (or any of my other social media accounts for that matter).  Does anyone else get completely overwhelmed with social media?  The constant need to be “on” all the time is exhausting!!  My 9-5 job keeps me busy and sometimes stressed out and not having to post on IG or my blog is one less thing to do when I get home from work… but as you can see, I am back!

During my break from social media I decided to switch to morning workouts, as opposed to doing them after work in the evening.  They do say that you keep your habit by working out in the AM because things can come up in the evenings and throw you off, which is totally true!!  Maybe you get invited to happy hour drinks after work, or you have dinner plans with your girlfriends, either way, you’re not making that evening gym class.

I’d be sitting at my desk at work and around 11AM I would be so pumped and so sure that I’d make it to the gym after work and then the inevitable would happen… on my commute home I’d say to myself, “there’s absolutely no way I’m going to the gym.  I just want to go home.”  And that’s what would happen.  I knew I needed to start working out before work if I wanted to really commit, so that’s what I did.

Here’s what I noticed after switching to morning workouts:

  1. Better commitment – like I said above, things can come up last minute in the evenings that can interrupt your fitness routine.  I love getting my workout done before work because now when something does come up, I’m all in!
  2. More energy throughout the day – it must be those natural endorphins you get from working out because somehow I have more energy throughout the day (most notably right when I get to work).  Pre-AM workouts I used to walk into my office like a zombie and could not wait to go grab a coffee.  I still enjoy my morning cup of coffee now, but it’s less about the need for it.
  3. Eating better – I already ate pretty well but there was always temptation around the office (especially when there was leftover catering in the kitchen).  Now I’m not as tempted to grab a sugary snack in the afternoon.  I’d much rather eat my veggies and hummus.
  4. Drinking more water – my day naturally starts off with more water now.  I usually go through 500ml – 1L at the gym alone, and I’ve noticed my water intake throughout the day has increased.  I guess I’m just a lot more thirsty??
  5. Sense of accomplishment – as I was leaving the gym last Monday I felt amazing that I had already accomplished something and it wasn’t quite 7AM yet.  I was ready to tackle the rest of the day, and that attitude stayed with me.  I missed my morning workout last Wednesday due to iPhone alarm problems (ugh!  I was so mad) and it actually threw me off my game all day.  I was less productive at work and just generally frustrated.

I think I’m going to stick with my 5AM alarm for the next little while!


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