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Hello!  Welcome to my blog.  My name is Kelly and I’m a 30-something Toronto-based, self-proclaimed wellness junkie!  I discovered the “wellness world” over six years ago when I was taking a Holistic Nutrition course.  I’ve been obsessed ever since!

My obsession with the wellness world wasn’t always a pretty one, though.  As I learned more about the ingredients and junk in our foods, I quickly came to realize that our beauty and skin care products also contained nasty ingredients that I didn’t want anywhere near me!  But that’s when I started to spiral and my incredibly unhealthy obsession with non-toxic skincare began.  My search for perfectly “clean” makeup and face creams had me searching every product I could find on the SkinDeep Database (owned by the Environmental Working Group, it ranks products/ingredients from zero to 10 based on their level of toxicity).  If the brand wasn’t found on the database, I would search every single ingredient listed on the label.  My quest to find a product that was no higher than a 2-rating was causing me unnecessary stress and anxiety (not to mention rapidly depleting my disposable income).

When I call it an unhealthy obsession, I truly mean that.  Every waking hour was spent on the SkinDeep Database or online searching for “clean” companies, or taking photos of product labels from the drug store to search when I got home.  It was all-consuming and became an incredibly toxic relationship.  I have since eased up on my quest for truly “clean” beauty products, although it is helpful that there are more non-toxic products and brands available now.

I spend my days working in the insurance industry and my nights making homemade almond milk, figuring out the right alternative flour to use in baking and keeping up with the latest wellness trends.  I started my blog as a place to channel my interests and hobbies.

I’ve come to realize that there’s no such thing as balance; eventually something always has to give and there is always a sacrifice to be made.  So I take a real-life approach to wellness… we all know that nothing is as perfect as it appears on the ‘Gram, so let’s cut the BS and tell it like it is.  There are days I am 100% on my game and meal-prepping like a champ on Sunday.  Other days dinner consists of leftover chips & salsa, or an oven-ready grocery store pizza.

I love to travel, do yoga & eat.  I’d love to hear more about you, so feel free to comment below 🙂



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