My Gym Bag Essentials

I recently switched to a morning workout routine; my weekday alarm is set for 5AM.  This didn’t happen overnight, believe me!  But I absolutely love the feeling of having already accomplished something before my day even really begins.  Since I’m up so early I always make sure to have my gym bag packed and ready to go the night before.

Aside from my change of clothes, here’s what I keep in my gym bag:

The Workout

Headphones – I don’t know how people workout without music.  I need my headphones and Spotify playlist to keep me going.  Just when you feel like you’ve got nothing left that one specific song comes on and instantly your energy is restored.

Water bottle – it’s so important to stay hydrated when working out.  I’m not a huge fan of communal water fountains, so I just bring my own bottle to refill.

Baseball cap – to keep my hair and sweat off my face (bonus that it helps to keep my headphones on my head).

Hair ties – keeping my hair off my face is essential during my workout.  To me there’s nothing more distracting than that one hair that keeps getting stuck on your face.

My workout – I’ve been following Anna Victoria’s Fit Body Guide for a few years now (and recently purchased her app to follow).  I love the workouts and always feel so much stronger once I get through my set

Workout gloves and resistance bands – workout gloves protect my hands and also help give me a better grip.  I’ve been adding resistance bands to my lower body workouts lately and I really feel the difference!

Post Workout

Shower stuff & flip flops – TBH, I don’t always shower at the gym (I’m about a 10 minute drive away from home) but on the days that I do, I always make sure to have my flip flops and shower essentials with me.

Deodorant – hopefully this is obvious 🙂

Brush & dry shampoo – dry shampoo is a necessity after the gym to help soak up sweat and keep my hair in a somewhat decent condition.

Protein bar – I’m usually munchie on the drive home, so I always pack something to snack on.

I try to keep things simple and stick to only the essentials.  What’s in your gym bag?

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