Petit Vour – June Box (2020) Review

I don’t know about you guys, but I started off doing really well at the start of all of this COVID-19 and social distancing stuff. In March and April, my house was cleaner then it has ever been, my closets were organized and I was on my roll with my jigsaw puzzles. In May, though, that all changed. I’m not sure what it was, but I started to have a ton of anxiety about everything. Things went downhill from there. I tried to take my own advice, but that was hard too. I feel like I’m just starting to make my way back.

I debated whether or not to write this review simply because my June box arrive a little later than normal… basically since COVID-19, anything coming up from the US has been held up at the border.

I feel like the June box was perfectly timed for today’s “new normal” world. As always, I tried to ruin the surprise and I was all over Instagram trying to find out what the June box would have. Since my last few boxes were slight disappointments, I wanted to make sure I still wanted to subscribe. This is another box where I don’t feel the value truly matched the products, but I don’t think it was far off.

If you’re curious about Petit Vour, you can check out my first post here.

Here’s everything that came in the June 2020 box:

As with all Petit Vour boxes, they come with a card describing each product and the retail price.  Each box is said to have a retail value of over $50 USD.  The June box contained four products.  Technically all but one was full size.  For approx. $32 CAD ($23 USD), I don’t think this box was worth the price, but as I said above, I don’t think it was too far off.

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Grown Serum

So I’m always skeptical about brands I’ve never heard of before. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of this brand and I am extremely unlikely to spend $75 USD on a nail growth serum. There’s nothing in this product that makes it worth $75… I mean for that price I’m hoping for gold flakes or diamonds! This product is only available through the Lauren B. Beauty site, and it lists the same price (though if you read any of the reviews, you’ll see I’m not the only one confused on the price). This was the highest priced item in the box. I did say the June box was well timed, and I will admit that since I’ve been washing my hands a lot more they are in need of some extra TLC. This is a product I will use but definitely not repurchase.

Jane Iredale LipDrink Lip Balm

OK, so I’m counting this as a full-sized product because it’s a standard size lip balm. The price is listed as $17 USD. On the brand’s Canadian site, it’s listed at $24. I also found it on Amazon for $24 CAD. So I guess the price checks out, and while technically I wouldn’t spend $24 on a lipstick, this lip balm is actually amazing. I received the colour “Crush” and I love it! It’s a subtle pinky, purply colour that I will wear all. the. time.! I love that it also has an SPF 15 because my after work walks have been causing some burnt lips. Overall, I am somewhat OK with this product. I absolutely love the colour and it’s already found its way into my purse (and will be staying there until it’s empty). My only qualm is that it is a lip balm which means it will probably rub off quickly, which means a lot of reapplying. While I do love the colour and the creaminess of it, I likely wouldn’t spend $24 to repurchase.

Bkind Nourishing Hand Balm

Remember when I said the June box was perfectly timed for today’s “new normal?” Hello hand cream! Seriously, I have been washing my hands way more than normal and they have become so dry. The price is listed as $16 USD. I was able to find this product on the brand’s website for $24 CAD. I also found it on another Canadian site for $18. I would say the price checks out, but again I don’t think I would spend even $18 on such a small tube of hand cream (I am also counting this as a full size product). The scent is beautiful. It does contain coconut oil, so there is a bit of greasiness left over but overall this product will come in handy.

Kaia Naturals Takesume Detox Deodorant

This is a brand I am very familiar with… I’ve tried their deo before and I’m just finishing up their dry shampoo. This is a travel size product (side note, anyone else super bummed we likely won’t be travelling for a good while??). I haven’t tried this scent before, and I will give it a go. I had to stop using their deo before because I ended up with a rash under my left arm (so clearly the way I walk was causing some type of friction or rubbing). This is a small product so I think I’ll be OK. This product is listed at $10 USD and I know I’ve seen it in stores for the same price, so that checks out! I do remember when I bought the deo for the first time, it came with a warning that this product causes your pits to detox (takes about 4 weeks) so you might be a bit stinky…LOL seriously. But I guess during quarantine that shouldn’t be a problem.

Final Thoughts:

My favourite product: I’d have to go with the lip balm. The colour is amazing and I know I’m going to be sad when I’ve used it up. I also love that it comes with an SPF 15, so in addition to giving me great colour, it’s also protecting my lips from the sun at the same time. It also has a creaminess to it that I know will be super moisturizing.

My least favourite product: I’m going with the nail growth serum. $75 for 0.08 oz?? No thanks! The price doesn’t even come close to what it’s worth and I know there are a ton of products out there that do the same time for a lot cheaper. This is a product I will use up but wouldn’t ever consider repurchasing.

On the June Box overall: I’ve mentioned a few times that this box was perfectly timed – it’s a great box to get during summer quarantine! There’s hand cream and nail serum for our dry hands (from frequent washing), there’s lip balm with SPF for sunny walks or sitting on patios, plus some deodorant to keep us fresh. Do I think it’s worth the $32 I spent? No, but again I don’t think it’s that far off. It’s definitely not worth the $118 USD price listed on the card. Overall, though I am happy with this box. I can see myself using all the products.

2 thoughts on “Petit Vour – June Box (2020) Review

  1. These are honest reviews that I always appreciate. Good lip balm with a bit of color is hard to find, so I may try this product. I think we all hit bottom in May, then perked up a bit when things seemed to ease by the end of the month. Now I’m getting a bit anxious again. The good weather and being able to sit outside and go for daily walks help, but I so miss our road trips up north. We will all try to stay as positive as we can, and to be thankful that we’re healthy, I guess.


    1. Thanks so much! The lip balm is still a fav. The weather makes a difference for sure. I’m back to taking walks every day and the fresh air seems to do wonders. A positive mindset is a powerful tool.

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