Review: Anna Victoria’s Fit Body App

I have been following Anna Victoria since early 2016.  My hubs and I were headed to Nice, France for a two week vacation and I was soooo excited to be heading back but I knew that I’d be on the beach for two weeks… in the Mediterranean… and I wanted to feel comfortable.  I don’t exactly remember how I came upon her Instagram page but I do remember that what I loved about her was that she posted (and still does) pics of her body in real life situations = regularly sitting down, not sucking in, not super flexing her abs.  It made me realize what most of us probably already know, but because we’ve been conditioned our whole lives into thinking we need to be slimmer and more toned it was hard to realize at first, that I don’t need to have 0% body fat to feel and look my absolute best.

Back in 2016 I bought her Fit Body Guide and followed it to a tee, including the meal plan.  I should have taken progress photos, but I was too self-conscious to take pics of myself in a bikini up close.  I did notice a change over those twelve weeks, and while I do admit to being “slim” when I first started, it was the strength that actually brought me the most confidence.  I felt strong both physically and mentally.

Fast forward to fall 2017 and I decided to purchase her Fit Body App.  It was on sale for either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  The app has gone through some updates since my initial purchase, but I am still following it.  I have taken some breaks here and there but I always end up returning to the app.

Fit Body App Review:

When you first download the app you set your profile settings, which include your age, height and weight.  These figures will then help to calculate your macros.  If you also follow Anna Victoria you know that she’s big into macros.  You can choose if your goal is to lose weight, maintain or gain and the app will adjust accordingly.  Your macros then help to develop your meal plan settings: allowing for specific amounts of protein, carbs and fats.

One of the things I love about this app is the addition of the meal plan.  There are so many pre-set menus and tonnes of meals to choose from.  You also have the option of choosing a regular, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, GF & dairy free and keto plan.  And if the meals don’t interest you, you can always just add your own foods throughout the day (same way as MyFitnessPal).  I have found the pre-set meals to be delicious and really easy to follow.

The meal plan allows for three main meals with three snacks, one of which is an after workout snack.  It wasn’t until I first started following her meal plans that I realized how much food you actually need to eat to really see progress.  Those muscles need food to grow and develop!  I admit that at first it was hard to get through ALL the food but once I was working out regularly it was easy because I was so hungry!!

There are three different types of programs you can choose from: Shred is for primarily fat loss, Tone is for fat loss with muscle tone and Sculpt is primarily for building muscle.  Sculpt is the only program that requires full gym equipment, including the machines.  Shred and Tone do not require any gym machines.  Tone does use equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands and platform risers but nothing that you can’t have at your home.

You can also select the intensity of the workouts, which will then adjust the weights and reps.  There are three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advance.  The general rule is each workout should take you between 25-35 minutes (the exception is Sculpt, which has workouts of about 60 minutes).  Anything quicker and you should go up a level and anything longer you can drop a level.

Shred and Tone have six days of workouts with one rest day.  Sculpt has five workout days with two rest days.  For all three programs, each workout day is broken down by area (lower body, upper body, etc.  For Sculpt it’s broken down even further with specific muscles targeted) and the workouts are shown on quick, looped videos so you can see the exercises actually being done.  I have found this very helpful because sometimes the names are hard to understand.

I am doing Tone, and have been doing it since I started using the app.  I tried Sculpt for one day, but my regular insecurities of gym life took hold and I quickly went back to my dumbbells and yoga mat.  I love Tone and have developed lean muscles because of it (I know this because my blouses are getting tight in the biceps area.  LOL).

Each week the workouts either increase in intensity, reps or they change all together.  So far the app shows 60 weeks of workouts.  I’m not sure what happens when you get to the last week.

Final Thoughts:

Pros: the workouts are easy to follow, you can choose your program depending on what your fitness goals are and you can set the intensity.  I absolutely love this app.  I love that each circuit is timed AND you get three loud beeps on the last three seconds of your rest period so you know it’s time to start the next round.  The meal plan is easy to follow, delicious and there are different options depending on your dietary needs.  The workouts are also downloadable, which is so helpful if you’re heading to a spot with no wifi.  I downloaded them before heading off on vacation.  So great!!

Cons: to be honest, I can’t really thing of any.  I will say that I’m curious what happens when I get to week 60 – will it continue? Or is that it?  I’m not sure yet.

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