My Must Have Beauty Products

I would say in the last 18 months I have really dived deep into skincare and beauty products.  I am by no means an expert but I have learned A LOT!  It was overwhelming at first; I mean there are so many different types of products out there: from facial serums to bronzers and highlighters.  Just when I get the hang of one product there seems to be another one that comes around.  It’s hard to keep up!

My YouTube search history is basically just skincare product reviews or makeup tutorials.  When I was growing up, if we wanted a makeup or skincare tip we’d have to open up a magazine (remember YM & Seventeen??).  Those were the days.  LOL.  Now we head to YouTube for a full-blown, real time tutorial.  Kids theses days have it so easy 😛

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 13 years old.  It started with just some gold eyeshadow (I wore it just because I liked the colour and because it was shimmery; the fact that it actually brought out my green eyes was just a bonus I wasn’t even aware of 🙂 ) From then I started getting into mascara, lipgloss, foundation and then blush… now I’m figuring out how to apply bronzer properly, where exactly to apply highlighter, what a Vitamin C serum actually does and the difference between physical and chemical exfoliators.

I have, however, come to deeply love certain products.

Here are my top beauty products that I cannot go without:


Retinol – I’m slowly creeping up to my late 30s and the fine lines are really coming in strong (let’s be honest, they have been around for a few years now).  I use retinol every other night.  Within the first week of using it, I could already notice a change in the texture of my skin; it was so much softer and smooth.  Currently, I am using the Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream.  It has been the first and only retinol I’ve tried, but with a noticeable difference within a week I saw no need to try another brand.

Sunscreen – a must, must must, even in the winter, even when it’s gloomy outside.  I wear sunscreen every single day, under my makeup.  Currently, I am using the Coola SPF 30 Mineral Face Matte Cucumber sunscreen.  There’s no white cast and it’s not greasy at all.  Sunscreen is so important to protect the delicate skin of your face from harmful UV rays.  I admit to only starting to wear a separate sunscreen last year.  I used to assume that when makeup products contained an SPF that would be enough.  I have heard, however, from multiple podcasts that it’s actually not even close to being enough… basically, the amount of product you’d need to use to actually get slightly close to the listed SPF is way more than you’d use regularly.

Mascara – I will always stand by this statement: a little mascara can go a long way.  It just has a certain way of lifting you up.  Even if you’re not in the mood for a full face of makeup, wearing even just one coat of mascara can make a huge difference.  It’s a product I always have in stock at home and when I travel it’s one of the products I put on daily.  Currently, I am using Pure Ananda Mascara in black.  I love the clean ingredients, the fact that it’s a Canadian company and the price can’t be beat!

Lip gloss – any colour, any shade, any brand.  My mom, and my aunts, cannot go anywhere without reapplying their lipstick.  Growing up, my mom had a basket of all different colours, shades and brands.  My younger sister and I would sneak into her room to try them on and then laugh at ourselves.  I admit to not being huge into lipstick, I find them a bit too bold so I will usually only wear lipstick on date nights or to events/parties.  But I like to have a little colour on my lips and a bit of shine doesn’t hurt either.  My lip gloss collection has grown over the years, though I don’t have enough to fill up a basket….yet.  Lip gloss is something I carry with me all the time.  In each purse I own I keep a lip gloss (and lip balm) so that I always have one with me.


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