Happy New Year & my 2020 Goals

Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe we are in a whole new decade.  Seriously, doesn’t if feel like 1980 was only 20 years ago (and not 40!!)

This time of year, small talk centres around everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions: did you make any?  What are they?  And of course you get the typical answers of working out more, eating better, blah, blah, blah.  Here’s the thing with New Years’ Resolutions, though, about 1/3 of them don’t make it past January.  I’m sure the intentions are there, but the resolutions need to be realistic; if you didn’t go to the gym regularly before the new year, what are the odds you’re going to go five days a week once the clock strikes midnight?  Probably not good.

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago.  Instead I set a couple accomplishments or goals to achieve for the year; a jacked-up “to-do” list of sorts.  The top of my list has been the same every year: see some place new, and I’m happy to report that I’ve always been able to cross that off my list.

So, here’s what I have planned for 2020:

  1. See some place new.  Plans are already in the works (I’m always planning my next vacation).  I love travelling and experiencing different cultures, foods and customs.
  2. Really discover “mindfulness.”  I easily can get set to autopilot and rarely take time for myself.  I want to learn more about meditation and the benefits is can bring.
  3. Branching off from number two is to learn to be more present.  It seems like the months are flying by now (they say that happens as you get older), so in order the stop the months from blending together I want to really focus on what’s happening around me
  4. Be offline more.  In the last handful of years, we’ve seen the rise of the Influencer.  (I tried my hand at it… I didn’t get too far…).  Rather than spend my nights scrolling through Facebook or IG stories, watching other people live their lives, I am going to live mine.  I’m going to spend time with friends and family and not worry about getting the perfect IG photo or Boomerang.  That doesn’t mean I’m giving up social media completely, but I am not going to have it be a huge part of my life.

So, what about you?  Do you make resolutions every year?  Do you stick to them (that’s probably the bigger question)?  Did you know that it takes about 66 days to form a new habit… just something to keep in mind…

Wishing everyone a very happy 2020!

P.S. Have you noticed the new blog layout?  I have big ideas to Oh Kells No in 2020, so be sure to follow along!

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