My top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale

When it comes to the yearly NSale, I am VERY late to the game! This was my first year shopping the NSale and I had a specific goal in mind – I’m putting together a 4th trimester/postpartum kit to help myself feel more like “me” after baby comes and I was hoping to pick up a couple outfits from the sale.

Most of the fashion/lifestyle bloggers I follow happen to be from the US and seeing all of their top picks for the sale was getting me SO excited. I knew exactly what I was looking for when the sale preview finally opened in Canada. I was ready to add all the items to my wish list.

What’s the NSale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is an annual event that happens over the summer months. This year it ran from July 28 – August 8 (in Canada). Those who qualify for early access could start shopping July 25th. There are a ton of brands included in the sale and a lot of categories to choose from.

Sale preview starts a week before the sale begins and you can add the sale items to your wish list, but you won’t be able to add those items to your cart until the sale officially begins or you qualify for early access (if you spend at least $5,000 at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack each year). This year, early access started on July 25.

First impressions

I have to say that when the sale preview finally opened, I was a bit underwhelmed after scrolling through the “Women” section. Only a few of the items I was hoping to find were included in the sale. (I was willing to blow my entire NSale budget on a pair of Allsaints boots, but unfortunately they weren’t apart of the Canadian sale). Because this was my first year shopping the sale, I wasn’t sure if that’s just how it always is or if it was a COVID-related supply issue.

There was a lot of active wear on sale. Like A LOT. So if you were looking to stock up on some new workout or lounge clothes, they had you covered.

The US sale also seemed to have a lot more under the “Home” category than the Canadian sale. I didn’t check out any of the “Men” section, so I can’t comment on that.

You have to move fast! With early access happening three days before I could start shopping it meant that some of the items on my wish list were already sold out before I could buy them. I put a reminder on my phone to shop the sale at 7am on July 28th and I’m glad I did! I wasn’t able to get a Free People sweater I really wanted but that’s OK. There’s always next year…..

Shipping was FAST. All but one item arrived in two days.

I’ve heard stories about people buying items, only to receive an email a day or so later saying their item was no longer in stock. I get with so many people shopping (and online these days) that’s bound to happen.

What I bought

These Marc Fischer booties were top on my list and I’m so glad I was able to snag them before they sold out! The discount was also incredible: regular $270 I was able to get them for $142! I’ve been wearing them around the house and they are so comfy. These will be a fall go-to for sure.

So many fashion influencers/bloggers constantly talk about the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings so when they were included in the sale I made sure to grab a pair. I’ve heard they run small so I sized up and bought a medium. I haven’t tried to squeeze into these yet, considering the bump, but I’m thinking that after baby these might be a favourite of mine for running around to appointments, errands, etc.

I ended up buying some Madewell jewellery. The sale put these both under $20 so I thought, “why not.” I was debating between these and a plaid button-up and thought I could always buy the button-up in a couple days…. not realizing how fast things would sell out. But the earrings are super cute and the bracelet fits me well, so all around a good choice.

Tips for shopping the NSale

  • If you’re in Canada and following bloggers in the US, don’t get hooked on anything they’ve bought. Again, I don’t know if the lack of items was simply due to the COVID supply issues I’m seeing in other stores or if it’s just how it is north of the border. But don’t get your heart set on anything specific.
  • Add items to your Wish List even if you’re unsure about an item. I’ve found it’s always better to have more items on your wish list than having to go back and and find an item. Plus, it’s just a wish list so there’s no obligation for your to buy it.
  • Move fast! I put a reminder on my phone for the day the sale opened for 7am and I’m so glad I did. The earlier you can shop the better the chance you’ll get the item you want.
  • Don’t worry if some items are sold out – keep checking back. I’m not sure if it’s because people have returned items, but I have noticed that some items came back in stock, but again you have to move fast. I missed out another pair of booties simply because I waited two hours to purchase them.
  • This is more of an overall financial tip, but give yourself a budget you’re comfortable with and STICK TO IT. Don’t go into debt just because a store is having a sale.

xoxo Kells

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