Knix Review

First let me start off by saying that pregnancy boobs are no joke! I’ve gone up three sizes in the last 19 weeks and while I’m not sure if the girls are done growing, I sure hope so! Needless to say I was in the market for some new bras. I knew that quality and comfort were the two more important factors I would be considering. Knix was one of those companies I kept seeing ads for on social media. I also had a couple girlfriends buy their period underwear and had really great things to say about them. Their website also has glowing review after glowing review so I decide to give them a go.

Knix is a female-founded company and they use a diverse range of women as models for their products, which is so very much needed to represent all different body types and shapes. They also appear to be constantly reviewing their sustainability policies to minimize their carbon/environmental footprint. Another initiative they are a part of is the Black Women Health Imperative, which supports black birthing families and offers scholarships for postpartum doulas. All things we love to see in 2021.

I bought three bras in two different styles: Padded V-Neck Bra – Thin Strap and WingWoman Contour Bra. The bras will feel very tight when you first get them. I had doubts that I bought the right size; I thought I should’ve went bigger but I trusted the process and within a few days/weeks of wearing them, they have stretched out enough for a perfect fit.

Here are my list of pros and cons for the Knix bras I bought:


Comfort – These are the most comfortable bras I have ever owned. True statement! The first thing I like about their bras was that they have no underwire – the thought of an underwire stuck in between my growing girls and growing belly wasn’t anything I was interested in.

Design – The straps are slightly wider than your average t-shirt bra (and they offer styles with thicker straps, if you’re looking for that). The cups have removable padding. They also seem to wash with no issues – you get a wash bag with each order. I hang mine to dry and there were no “shaping” issues after washing/drying.

Return Policy – Knix has one of the best return polices I’ve seen. I was a little worried about having to buy a bra online without trying it on first, considering I was looking for a larger size than I normally was, but once I read their return policy I hit “add to cart” as fast as I could. They allow you to keep the bra for 30 days and in that time they encourage you to wear and wash the bra, as you normally would, to really ensure you are fully satisfied (or not). I have not had to deal with their actual return process, though.

Sizing – Their sizing made me so happy! The two styles I ended up buying had bulk sizing – grouping similar/sister sizes together. This was so incredibly helpful as I was trying to measure myself using different websites, which gave me different instructions and I ended up with two different sizes. I was frustrated until I looked on the Knix website and saw that both sizes I ended up measuring were the same bulk size. Hallelujah!


Inventory – One of the styles I wanted was sold out in the larger size I needed in both black and nude. It seemed that a lot of sizes and colours were sold out for months. This could totally be a COVID-related supply issue.

Style – There are a handful of main styles of bras that work great for an everyday bra. The band itself it quick thick with three hook and eye claps that are pretty spaced out. I wouldn’t mind some thinner bands options in the larger sizes. They have one option with what appears to be a lace applique but it’s completely sold out.

If you’re in the market for some new bras, I would definitely recommend giving Knix a try. I think it’s safe to say I’m a total convert now and I can’t wait to try their tank tops and body suits next!

xoxo Kells

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