Alima Pure – Mini Haul & Review

It’s likely because I have much more time now, but I’ve recently decided that now’s the right time to finally figure out how properly apply bronzer. Bronzer has always been something that intimidated me. I think of it like contouring – way, way, way out of my league. But I thought, “why not figure out this whole bronzer thing during a global pandemic?” It makes sense, right? 🙂

Once I got the application down pat, it was time to find a bronzer that wasn’t too dark for my skin tone and that also didn’t go on too heavy. I searched my regular “go-to” make up brands, but their options didn’t appeal to me too much… that’s when I decided to check out Alima Pure and I’m so glad I did! It’s a brand that I wish I discovered sooner.

One of the things that first caught my eye about this brand was the price. Their product selection is also fantastic and there are a ton of different shades to choose from.

For a non-toxic beauty company they are beyond reasonably priced. Alima Pure lists the following values on their website:

  • their products are vegan and never tested on animals
  • “minimal ingredients for maximum impact” – I absolutely love this statement!
  • they are carbon neutral
  • they donate 1% of their annual gross revenue to grassroots environmental organizations
  • some of their products are refillable, to cut down on unnecessary packaging
  • they are a “woman owned and run company”. Hell yes!

You can find their main ingredients listed on their website with a description of what it is, what it does and what products it is used in. All of their products are free from the big ones: parabens, sulfates, phatalates, etc.

So far I am loving everything about this brand, from their core values to their actual products.

I decided to do a mini-haul of sorts. These are all the products I purchased:

I purposefully stayed away from their mineral foundations for two reasons: 1. The reviews I read said the foundation melts off very easily in the heat and since we’re in the middle of an incredibly hot summer, I figured I’d skip the mineral foundation for now; and 2. I’m wearing a lot less foundation nowadays because of social distancing. I’m not going “out” anymore and when I do I have a mask on. At the moment I’m choosing more BB creams over full foundations.

Highlighter in “Whisper”

This is a beautiful light pink, iridescent highlighter. The highlighter goes on smoothly and evenly. I love that it adds just the right amount of coverage; adding a beautiful, subtle highlight. It also allow for buildable colour and it blends well.

Velvet Lipstick in “Odessa”

Loving this lipstick right now. It doesn’t dry out your lips, which is a must! I love the colour, too. I wear it over top of a lip balm if I want a more subtle look. On its own, it’s a gorgeous shade of pink and perfect for summer.

Eye Primer

I was hesitant at first to purchase this eye primer just because of the size of the product – it’s tiny. The primer has a peachy shade to it, which is fine for my skin tone. I’ve only used this primer a couple times and I’m feeling just OK about it. It doesn’t allow for any blending and I found my eye shadow wore off faster than with my usual eye primer.

Bronzer in “Maracaibo”

The whole reason for this mini-haul! I absolutely love the colour of this bronzer. It’s not too dark, which means it’s perfect for me and anyone looking for a subtle look. This is also a buildable colour, so you can bronze away and build it up depending on the occasion. It offers just the right amount of shimmer for that summer sun-kissed look. This bronzer also blends well with a beauty blender or other makeup sponge.

Color Balancing Primer in “Pistachio”

This was a product that instantly reminded me of my youth and a modelling course my mom signed me up for when I was 16 (true story). Part of the course was about skincare and makeup and we learned about those green, purple and yellow primers and how to use them. It was like I’d instantly forgotten about that course until I stumbled upon this Color Balancing Primer. I suffer from hormonal acne and hyperpigmentation and sometimes a concealer just doesn’t do the job. This primer powder works great. I use it as a spot treatment for any blemishes – the greenish tint helps to balance out any redness. It’s not specifically buildable and really only helps with smaller areas but it goes on fine overtop of a BB cream and I’ve also used concealer overtop for extra coverage.

Satin Finishing Powder in “Keiko”

To be honest, I had to google what finishing powder does (and I still have a sticky next to my makeup stand explaining how to use it). But I figured since I was already in uncharted territory with the bronzer, why not add a finishing powder too? This product goes on smoothly overtop of my BB creams and provides a great matte finish. It’s lightweight and you can barely even feel that you’re wearing anything. For me, I found that a little went a long way. It doesn’t settle into fine lines.

Bonus item: Highlighter in “Rosegold”

I received a sample of their newest highlighter colour is Rosegold and just like the name, it offers a peachy, golden glow that just screams summer. This colour is a bit too dark for me to use as a true highlighter but I’ve been using it on my cheeks, where I would use bronzer. It’s a gorgeous colour and just like the other highlighter, it goes on smooth and is buildable.

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely love this brand and I plan to continue to use their products as part of my regular makeup routine. I love the colours and shades and the price just can’t be beat! The tiny eye primer aside, I’m happy with all the products I purchased and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to add mineral makeup into their routine, or for anyone looking for a reasonably priced non-toxic brand.

Disclaimer: all products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own

xoxo Kells

4 thoughts on “Alima Pure – Mini Haul & Review

  1. I love make-up, I confess. Yesterday I got a haircut (thank heavens) and put on full-face make-up, even lip gloss, knowing 90% of it would be under the mask. It still made me feel good. Not sure if this brand is available here, but I’m going to check it out. I’m due for a change. I absolutely love that lipstick color!


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