Petit Vour – January Box (2020) Review

My January 2020 Petit Vour box arrived a few weeks ago and I was so excited when it finally showed up in the mail.  I was stalking them on IG trying to find out what came in the January 2020 box (I know it takes the surprise out of things, but I am horrible with surprises).  I was soooo excited about this months box, particularly because of the Fitglow Beauty mascara.  I have been wanting to try out that mascara for a while now, so when I found out it was coming in my January box I was thrilled.

As is the norm with Petit Vour, I was charged on the first of the month and my box shipped out around Jan 15th.  Shipping took exactly two weeks.

If you’re wondering what Petit Vour is, be sure to check out this post for my first box review.

Here’s everything that came in the January 2020 box:

image1 (1)

As with all Petit Vour boxes, they come with a card describing each product and the retail price.  Each box is said to have a retail value of over $50 USD.  The January box contained four products and I’d say three were full sized, with only one being a travel sized product.  For approx. $31 CAD ($23 USD), I think this box was well worth the price.

Fitglow Beauty Good Lash + Mascara

image1 (3)

Fitglow Beauty is a plant-based skincare brand that I first discovered about a year ago.  They offer a wide variety of makeup products and skincare products that are all cruelty-free, vegan and organic.  I have been wanting to try out this mascara for a while now so I was beyond excited to receive this in the January box.  This mascara is said to add volume to your lashes and help them grow thicker and fuller.  I was able to find this mascara online at for $44 so the $38 USD price listed on the card checks out.  This product alone pays for the box and I can’t want to try it out.

Moa The Green Fairy Hand & Lip Balm

image0 (2)

MOA is a UK-based company offering a select set of organic products, each containing yarrow, which is known historically for its medicinal properties.  I like that this product is both a lip balm and a hand balm.  Now, if you’ve ever had Absinthe then you know it tastes like black liquorice (and well, if you don’t know, know you know!)  I actually hate black liquorice or anything tasting like black liquorice, so that includes Absinthe (and Sambuca, and fennel, and star anise).  But the black liquorice flavour is very mild, so I feel like the flavour is something I can get over… and since we’re still in the middle of winter, this lip and hand balm will definitely get some use.  I was only able to find this on the brand’s website for £11 so the $18 USD price listed on the card likely checks out.  This appears to also be full-sized product.

Aether Beauty Eyeshadow

image0 (3)

The founder of Aether Beauty, Tiila Abbitt, worked at Sephora for 7 years and eventually wound up in their R&D department for sustainability.  This eventually lead her to create Aether Beauty, a vegan and environmentally friendly makeup brand.  This product is a single eyeshadow.  The colour I received is amethyst.  I’m not sure if this colour would be different for each box… it’s possibly based off the the Petit Vour beauty profile.  True to its name, this is a purple colour and shimmers when the light hits it just right.  It’s so pretty and goes on with a creamy application.  I was unable to find single colours for purchase, so I’m not sure where Petit Vour got the $16 retail price… I could only find pallets for $77 CAD.  The pallet containing this particular colour is beautiful and might just end up on my “to buy” list 😛

Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk

image1 (2)

Andalou Naturals is a brand I am very familiar with, I’ve used their sheet masks in the past.  This is the only travel-size product in the box.  These are great to have on hand when travelling, so it’s a product that I will keep unopened until it’s vacation time.  I don’t think this is a product I would purchase in full-size and add to my regular skincare routine.  EWG’s Skin Deep database has this rated as a “3.”  The Petit Vour card suggests a retail price of $3.  I know my local health food store sells these for $2 each.

Final Thoughts:

My favourite product: it will have to be the Fitglow Beauty mascara just because I have been wanting to try it FOREVER!  But the Aether Beauty is a super close second.  The colour is just so beautiful, I can’t get over it!

Product I’m least likely to use: There really isn’t a product I wouldn’t use in the January box.  The Andalou Naturals cleansing milk is something I would save for an upcoming vacation or I’d use it if I ran out of my regular cleansing milk and didn’t repurchase in time.  I am pleased to say that each product will get used (even the liquorice tasting lip balm, it actually works and I’m currently reapplying as I type…)

On the January 2020 box overall: There was definitely more than $31 worth of product in the January box.  The Fitblow Beauty mascara pays for the box alone, but then to also get two other full-sized products is such a bonus!  I’m so pleased with this box from both a value perspective, but also a product perspective.  I will use each product, I know that for sure… even if that means saving some for travel.

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