FabFitFun 2019 Winter Editor’s Box – Review

It arrived!  My first FabFitFun box (yes, I am aware I am VERY late to the game).  I was thinking about subscribing for a few months and after watching countless unboxing videos on YouTube, I just decided to bite the bullet and sign up.

For those who don’t know, FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box; it ships once a season and the boxes are curated towards spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Each box contains about 8 full-size products and has a value of at least $200 USD.  Items range from makeup and skincare to home goods to health and fitness.  Depending on what type of membership you have, you are able to customize and choose up to five specific items.  The rest of the box is chosen by the FabFitFun team.  I have the “regular” membership, so I was able to choose three of my products.

Because I ordered my box in between seasons, I received the Editor’s Box, which is essentially a box with the most popular items selected by the FabFitFun team and members.

I was able to use a discount code and received $10 off my first box.  Shipping was an additional $8 to Canada… so after tax my total was $54.23 USD which came out to approx. $75 CAD after the exchange rate.

Here is everything that came in the 2019 Winter Editor’s Box:


Each box comes with a magazine indicating the total value of the box, plus each product with a brief description and the retail value.  This box is said to have a total value of between $194.94 – $429 USD (the true value depends on your customizations).  The magazine also has a couple articles and of course a horoscope at the end.  My magazine actually referenced that this was my first FabFitFun box, which I thought was nice.

111Skin Rose Gold Radiance Booster


This was a product I was able to choose myself.  I was intrigued by the description – it’s said to be made with rosa damascena and pure gold extract (!!) and is supposed to enhance the skin’s radiance.  From the bottle, it does look like a liquid highlighter that you’d use to enhance brows and cheekbones, but once rubbed in it has very subtle gold flakes? Sparkles? Something slightly shimmery.

This product contains fragrance and is not non-toxic, however it’s something I would only use for date nights or other special events so I don’t feel too bad about using it.

The FabFitFun magazine states a retail value of $135 USD.  I was able to find this product online at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom and the prices were $215 and $186 CAD, respectively.  This product alone pays for the box twice, but I’m not sure if I would spend $200 for this product.  It’s something fun to have but once it runs out, I won’t likely repurchase.

Grown Alchemist Bundle: Deep Cleansing Facial Masque & Hand Cream


This was another product I was able to choose myself.  I use a face mask once a week and we’re in the middle of winter, so that means lots of dry skin and I knew that both items would be well used!  I also thought of this as a 2 for 1 deal 😛  The hand cream smells wonderful and it doesn’t leave an oily or greasy residue.  I haven’t had a chance to try the face make yet, but it’s clay based and contains gingko and wheatgerm.  The mask is said to detoxify the skin and improve firmness.

This is a new brand for me but I’m so excited that I’ve found it.  They are based out of Australia and have excellent ratings on the EWG’s SkinDeep Database (yay!!).  The products are free from carcinogens, artificial fragrance, parabens, paraffins, and other nasty ingredients.  The products are not tested on animals and the tubes are made from recycled aluminum

The FabFitFun Magazine says this pair has a retail value of $63 USD.  On the Grown Alchemist website the mask sells for $48 CAD and the hand cream for $30 CAD.  This is another item that pays for the box.  I wouldn’t likely spend $30 on a hand cream but I have spent $50 on a mask, so as long as this one works I’ll be fine!

Jennifer Zeuner Star Double Necklace


This was the final item I was able to choose myself.  I tend to wear more dainty necklaces on an everyday basis (as opposed to a statement piece, which I would wear when going out or to an event).  I also wanted to “test out” the quality of the jewellery pieces offered by FabFitFun.  The necklace is yellow gold-plated stainless steel.

I love this necklace and it’s something that I will definitely get a lot of use out of.  It’s a double chain and each has a small star at different points.  It’s a piece that can literally go with anything and I’m glad I chose this necklace.

The FabFitFun magazine states a retail value to $50 USD.  I could only find it available for order on the Jennifer Zeuner site and it retails for $68 (I’m assuming USD).  So it appears there is a savings when purchased through FabFitFun.

Stone Cold Fox Hard Back Notebook


This item was chosen for me by FabFitFun, however if you are a “select” member this product is part of a group that you can customize.  It’s a cute notebook and I really like the fact that each page can open and lay flat.  The pages also rip out easily.  I take notebooks with me when I travel and usually have about three different ones on the go around the house, jotting down different blog ideas, recipe attempts, etc. so it will definitely get used.

This was another brand I hadn’t heard about before.  This brand actually sells clothing, including wedding dresses.  The notebooks are part of their lifestyle collection.  The notebook retails for $30 USD on both the brand’s website and the FabFitFun magazine.

I would never likely spend that much on a notebook.  Ever.  But it has a cute design and the fact that it lays completely flat is such a bonus.  I’ll definitely use it, but would not repurchase.

Stone Street Soaphouse Hey Ho! Wholesome Body Cream


This was another product chosen for me by FabFitFun but part of the “select” members customization.  It’s a good size jar of body cream.  The cream has a nice texture and doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily or greasy.  There’s a scent to it that I haven’t yet decided if I like it or not.

This is a UK-based brand and I’m not sure if the products are available for purchase in Canada.  All of the products are made in England and are made with 100% responsibly sources natural oils.  The product is also free from parabens, SLS, colours and microbeads.

It’s not non-toxic, however, and contains fragrance/perfume so not a product I’m overly excited about, however the packaging is cute and will likely find its way into my guest bathroom.  This products retails for about $28 CAD (or £16).

Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray


This was the final product chosen for me by FabFitFun but part of the “select” members customization.  This is a rose-infused facial spray.  I feel that people either love the scent of rose or they hate it.  There’s usually no in between.

Rose water is great for your skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  It can reduce redness and help balance skin tone.  It’s also incredibly hydrating and can be used throughout the day when you need a quick refresher!  It may even offer aromatherapy and possibly reduce anxiety.

Some of the ingredients listed are questionable to me, but this product is said to be free from parabens and sulfates.  It’s also vegan and cruelty free which is great!  This bottle is quite large, so it’s not something I’m likely to carry around with me throughout the day but this will be great to keep at home.  I plan on using this as a setting spray after makeup.  This product retails for $26 CAD.

Blaq Hydrogel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid


These masks are part of the product group chosen by FabFitFun for everyone.  It’s a pack of five eye masks.  They contain hyaluronic acid, which is super hydrating and activated charcoal and are said to de-puff and detox that eye area.  There are some other questionable ingredients and they do contain fragrance, so they are definitely not non-toxic but they are cruelty free.

I will try these out, though… I mean, you can never have too many eye masks!  I’ll likely be saving these for those super early mornings or even when I’m travelling.  I really like that each set is individually packaged so there’s no fear of them drying out once that pack is opened.

This seems to be another brand where the products are only available on the brand’s website and in other subscription boxes.  They retail for $26.36 USD (seems very odd it’s such a specific price) on the brand’s website but listed as $29 USD in the FabFitFun magazine.  There are review videos on YouTube, which I haven’t watched yet so I’m not sure what other people thought of them.

Spongellé Boxed Flower in Sugar Dahlia


This was the final product in my box and also part of the group of products chosen by FabFitFun for all members.  It’s basically just a pre-soaped sponge shaped as a flower.  The soap is supposed to last for up to 14 washes and then it’s suggested to re-use the sponge with your own body wash afterwards.  I don’t love that this product contains fragrance but it is paraben free and will be something that I use.  Even in the plastic wrap, the fragrance is quite strong… I hope it dilutes a bit when wet.

On the brand’s Canadian site, it retails for $21.25 (another oddly specific number).  It is listed as $16 USD in the FabFitFun magazine.  I like the idea of a pre-soaped sponge; this will be incredibly useful when on vacation or travelling.

Spoiler alert: a sneak peak of the upcoming Spring box shows another spongellé but in a different scent.  The brand’s website also suggests a partnership with FabFitFun so I’m thinking this might be a frequent addition to the boxes.

Final Thoughts:

My favourite product: it ended up being the double star necklace.  It’s something that I can wear every day with pretty much any outfit.  Funny enough, I thought the 111Skin Radiant Booster would have been my favourite, but after seeing what the product actually was, I was a little disappointed.  I am glad I was able to choose both of them myself, though.

Product I’m least likely to use: I will use every product in my box but there is one that I felt was WAY overpriced… and that’s the notebook.  I’m sorry, but I would never spend $30 USD on a notebook.  The value of the entire box was well over the $75 I paid, so I’m totally fine with getting a $30 notebook.

On my first FabFitFun box: overall I am happy with this box.  While there are products I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself (mainly because of ingredients like fragrance), they are products that I will use.  I like that you are given the option to choose some of the products and I also like the fact that some are a surprise.

My box is said to have a retain value of $373.95 USD, according to my profile.  After doing my own research on the products I received, I calculated a retail value of $460 CAD… taking the exchange rate into account, $373 USD is a little more than $460 CAD… and to get all of that for only $75 is nuts!  I’m excited to see what the other seasons bring.

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