10 things i am thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving! I always love this time of year because it really does mean cooler temps are on the way. The leaves have begun to change and the fall colours are everywhere. If you’re in Canada, like me, you’ve likely celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend and are all turkey’d out. I’m typically not one to get sentimental, but this year with so many things changing, I thought I’d list what I’m most thankful for.

10 Things I am Thankful For (in no particular order):

  1. My Family – my mom passed away last year from cancer. I wasn’t exactly sure how that would change our family dynamic; she was THE person my sisters and I went to whenever we needed to vent about each other (sibling rivalry never really goes away). We leaned on each other during our time of grief and it has only brought us closer to each other and closer to our dad.
  2. My Husband – I don’t know where I would be today if I didn’t have my husband to get me through losing my mom. He really is my rock; my Dwayne Johnson.
  3. My Growing Bump – full disclosure: I don’t always enjoy being pregnant (it comes with it’s own set of challenges) but I am so thankful for every kick and flutter I can feel from our little guy… who we just can’t wait to meet!
  4. My Girlfriends – we were able to get together at the beginning of the month and it was nothing but an evening of laughter. This was actually the first time all five of us have been in the same room since 2017 (there is usually at least one or two missing) and it was just amazing to all be together (though there were some tears when we said our goodbyes)
  5. My Health – as we continue to live through a global pandemic, it makes me very thankful that I’ve always taken a proactive approach to my health
  6. My Yoga Mat – it hasn’t always been easy getting to my mat everyday, and my growing bump has definitely forced me to really slow down and breathe deep
  7. Ordering in Dinner – because sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking and you just need some Thai food
  8. All the Streaming Services – does anyone actually watch regular TV anymore?
  9. My Home – it’s taken a few years but our house finally feels like a home. We still have work to do in some of the rooms but there are days when I cannot wait to get home and just lounge on the couch
  10. My Morning Coffee – my own little ritual when my hubs is still asleep, I get my coffee and sit in silence (and at this time of year, partial darkness) and enjoy that little bit of morning peace all to myself before my day officially begins.

What are you thankful for??

2 thoughts on “10 things i am thankful for

  1. I’m very sorry for your loss, but I know from experience that she is right there with you. I’ve been an infrequent reader lately, so I didn’t know about that “bump”–Congratulations and yes, pregnancy does come with its own set of challenges. Your post was lovely.


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