Riverbend Cabin Airbnb

In the late fall of 2020 I started following a lot of cottagecore accounts; there was just something about a cabin in the woods, surrounded by fall foliage that really spoke to me.  Any cabin/cottage that was tagged in Ontario I would follow on IG and Riverbend Cabin was one of them.  I just so happen to catch an IG story of theirs announcing a last minute cancellation and I wasted no time jumping on the AirBnB site to book it!  I couldn’t have asked for a better getaway.  Because of our work schedules, the fact that the cancellation was during the week wasn’t an issue for my hubs and me.  We ended up spending two nights: December 7th to 9th, 2020.

Riverbend Cabin

Riverbend Cabin is located on the Moira River (shout out to all my Schitt’s Creek fans!)  It was so easy to get to: from Toronto head east on Hwy 401, get off in Belleville and head north to Thomasburg.

Check-in was so incredibly simple and seamless.  You are provided with the keylock password on check-in day and that’s pretty much it.  The hosts were available through the AirBnB app or by text/phone if there were any issues (which there was not).  They did check-in on us once after we arrived just to make sure there were no issues entering the cabin, with the heating, etc. but after that one message they left us alone for the rest of the stay.

This is definitely a place when you can fully relax and unwind. WiFi and board games are provided but my absolute favourite thing was the record player. There was just something so peaceful about listening to Elvis on vinyl with the wood burning stove going and a glass of red wine in hand. There’s also a guitar if you are musically inclined like my hubs.

The Rooms

The kitchen is quaint but workable.  It had everything we needed (no microwave, though).  Pots, pans, baking trays were easy to find and the coffee maker and cups were great.  Cleaning supplies like dish soap were easy to find.

Bathroom was clean but small.  The shower pressure was a bit low and there wasn’t a ton of headroom, but that was to be expected in a cabin.  Fresh bath towels were provided.

There are two bedrooms but they sort of look into each other; there are no doors or door frames… think loft style.  Both rooms are open and spacious.  One looks over the front of the cabin and one looks over the back and had wonderful river views. I would, however, say this is no a kid-friendly cabin based on the room configurations and the fact they are pretty much open to the main floor.

Things To Note

There is no TV, so come with a tablet or laptop if you want to watch any movies.  This was listed on the cabin’s AirBnB page but I completely missed it (cut to my hubs looking around and finally going, “so where’s the TV?”  Oops.  Thankfully he packed his iPad at the last minute and we used that to watch Christmas movies.)

If you plan on using the wood burning stove, you will need to bring your own firewood.

Belleville is right off the highway and the largest town closest to the cabin.  It’s where you’ll want to purchase any last minute groceries, booze and firewood. 

The town of Tweed is only about 15 minutes north from the cabin.  It’s your typical “small town” with some great coffee shops, diners and pubs.  We found out that most places were closed Mondays and Tuesdays, which is when we were there so we couldn’t really check anything out.  

Vanderwater Conservation Area is literally just up the road, not even a 5 minute drive.  There are hiking/walking trails you can enjoy.

If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend a couple nights a Riverbend Cabin.

xoxo Kells

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