Petit Vour- February Box (2020) Review

My February Petit Vour box arrived about a week ago.  This is my third Petit Vour box I’ve received and this is the first box I was truly disappointed with.  I don’t think it was worth the price at all.  I’ll give Petit Vour a few more months and then decide if I want to keep my subscription.  I might try upgrading to the Petit Vour Plus box, but I’m still on the fence about that.

The same with last month, I was trying to do some digging on Instagram to see what the box would include.  I thought I would be getting a shampoo & conditioner that I was so excited to try.  When I opened my February box and I didn’t see the shampoo & conditioner, well that definitely contributed to my disappointment with the February box.

If you’re curious about Petit Vour, check out my first review here.

Here’s everything that came in the February 2020 box:


As with all Petit Vour boxes, they come with a card describing each product and the retail price.  Each box is said to have a retail value of over $50 USD.  The February box contained five products.  Only one of them was a full-sized product and the rest were “sample” sizes.  The February box contained one extra product than the January box and I truly believe it was because this box doesn’t seem to be worth the price… so they added in another product to make up for that.  For approx. $31 CAD ($23 USD), I don’t think this box was worth the price.

KVOSS Bronzing Potion Glow Cream

image2 (1)

The first product in the box appears to be from a luxury (read: pricey) vegan makeup brand.  This is a brand I am not familiar with so I was really surprised to see the price for this item: $20 for 10mL for a bronzer???  I still can’t get over this.  It looks super pigmented at first when you squeeze it out, but once I rubbed it in, I could barely even seem a shimmer.  I think my overall disappointment with this box is clouding my judgement on the items.  This was the highest priced item in the box, and it doesn’t seem to do anything at all.  This will definitely be one of those products that I will use, just to simply use… otherwise I can see it sitting in my makeup tray for months and months.

Little Barn Apothecary Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil

image3 (2)

This is another tiny bottle with a large retail price: 44mL for $14.  This is clearly a sample size because on the brand’s website, you can only purchase a 118mL for $58 CAD…. seems a bit much for body oil.  The smell isn’t amazing (I’d say it has an “old lady perfume” smell… very floral).  I’ll add this to my growing collection of body oils and use it up because I paid for it, but I’m also not super impressed with this product and the retail price.  I like that this is definitely a “clean” beauty product, there’s no fillers or junk.

Speak Deodorant Cream


I have a love-hate relationship with natural deodorants.  I have tried more brands than I can remember and all of them have given me a rash… but only under my left arm, so clearly it’s the way I’m walking or swinging my arm.  Currently, I use a mainstream brand that offers an aluminium-free deo.  I’m excited to try out this deo cream to see if I get any irritation (hopefully not!).  This product does not contain any baking soda, so I’m optimistic.  I also kinda like the scent; the lavender is really nice.  The price on the Petit Vour card is listed as $12, but it’s available on the brand’s website for $10.  This is the only full-sized product in the box.

Blissoma Refine Clay Renewal Treatment Mask


I am always up for trying new masks.  As part of my nightly skincare routine, I do a mask about once a week.  The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the laundry list of ingredients (that was only available on brand’s website, not the sample-sized product in the box), they do appear to be “clean” ingredients, but there’s still a lot of them.  The Petit Vour retail price is listed at $10 for 14g.  This is clearly a sample size because you can only purchase 70g online for $40.  I’ll definitely be adding this into my skincare routine and I actually can’t wait to try it out.

Juice Beauty Antioxidant Cream


This is the final and fifth product in the February box.  As I said above, I think they added this product in to make the box seem like it’s worth the price (which I don’t).  I’m familiar with this brand (I’m currently using one of their night creams) and I’ll definitely be adding this serum into my daytime skin care routine.  The Petit Vour price is listed as $6 for 7.8mL.  This is clearly sample/trial size.

Final Thoughts:

My favourite product: it was a toss up between the deodorant cream and the clay mask.  If the deo cream doesn’t irritate my skin, then that for sure will be my favourite product in this box (if it does, then I’ll go with the clay mask 😛 )

Product I’m least likely to use: the KVOSS bronzing cream is a product I’ll use just for the sake of using but I don’t think it actually does anything.  I still don’t see any difference when I applied it earlier.  $20 for this tiny bottle is beyond ridiculous!!  Whenever I come across a brand I’m not familiar with, I head to IG to see what followers we have in common… with this brand it was zero.  I’m not saying that says anything, but it’s a fact.

On the February Box overall: My biggest issue with this box is the “sample” sizes and their retail prices.  There’s no way a tiny bottle of bronzer sells for $20 or body oil for $14.  If this was my first Petit Vour box, I’d likely cancel my subscription out of sheer disappointment.  I’m willing to give it a couple more months (January’s box was still pretty good), so hopefully the March box will be better.


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